Life in a Greenhouse

A tiny plant that was started from a seed or a cutting is now riding in a truck to Indian Head Farm. The plant was grown in a tight, little cell in a tray with a hundred or so other cells which were then stacked and packed in a cardboard box for shipping.  Richard, our farm’s nursery man, waits late into the afternoon for the delivery so that he can open the box right away and release the plant from its tiny cell.


As soon as possible, he will give it a drink and a new home in a single pot or in a pack of six roomy cells, where it will live and grow both above and below the soil.



Along with the thousands of other plants that need tending, this plant will get just the right watering and feeding in a greenhouse that is warmed up at night and cooled down with large fans during the day.



When the time comes, the plant, now blossoming, will have multiplied in size and will be moved to the sales greenhouse at the farm stand to become part of a full palate of dazzling color and textures, from red hot paprika to soothing apple blossom and everything in between. Among our new varieties this year, there will be Night Sky petunias, with their deep blue petals sparkled with a Milky Way of tiny, white stars; Under the Sea coleus, resembling trailing seaweed and making a lovely companion to sea urchin succulents; rich fuchsia petunias edged with cool, guacamole green; and so much more.



Our greenhouse, located right behind the farm stand, will be opening on April 30th for our 2016 season. We invite you to come savor the color and perhaps take home a gift for Mother’s Day, a basket for Memorial Day or flowers to brighten up your porch or your flower gardens.