Our approach to commercial growing is strongly connected to its roots in subsistence farming, from which it has developed over the generations.  As a result, we grow a large variety of small fruits and vegetables which allow us to remain productive for the entire New England growing season.

A full list of everything we grow is coming soon, but for the time being, we hope that the summarized list below will give you a sense of when to expect your favorite crops.

Crop Begins Ends
Corn Mid July Late September
Vegetables Mid to Late June Early October
Tomatoes Early July Late September
Blueberries Mid July Mid to Late August
Raspberries Early September Late September
Strawberries Early June Late June
Dried Flowers Early May End of December
Fresh Flowers Mid to Late July Late September
Pumpkins Early September Late October
Winter Squash Early September End of December
Asparagus Early May Late May

If you have any questions about what we grow, how we grow it, or when it might become available, you may visit our contact page to learn how to get in touch with farm staff.